About us

Our company Dutch Trading Office BV/DTO is founded in 1994 by Frank van Ooijen and Han Welten. Frank has 30 years of experience on cultivating mushrooms all over the world. Han is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. He became part of his father’s company at the age of 20 and has been self-employed ever since.

It all started in 1992: Frank started up a brand new turnkey mushroom farm in Japan. After turning this product into a success the mushroom farm asked Frank to stay and fulfil the position of consultant/grower to provide the farm with his advice on a regular basis and help producing mushroom substrate. Frank realised there was a lack of necessary equipment and materials in Japan, which were available in the Netherlands. That is when Han started arranging shipments of materials, machinery and tools. In 1994 these activities grew to a point that they decided to start a company:  Dutch Trading Office BV was born.

Transporting mushroom substrate over a longer distance used to be impossible because it could not be kept cool. But DTO was the very first to develop a patented delivery method that ensures the quality of the mushroom substrate during transportation.

Since then DTO has grown to the company that we are today: a reliable team that successfully exports mushroom substrate to customers worldwide.