Mushroom substrate/Compost

We offer you Phase III mushroom substrate/compost : A15 from Sylvan (white mushroom) and Heirloom from Amycel (brown mushroom). Other strains are also available on request. The mushroom substrate is pressed into packages and shipped in 40 ft reefer containers. We developed two different methods of loading so we can offer our customers a choice in what method suits best to their situation.

Black peat/Mushroom casing

We use a special mixture of black peat that we have exclusively composed with our suppliers. The mushroom casing is available in bags or in big bags and shipped in 20 ft dry containers.

Substrate for exotic mushrooms

We can supply our customers with substrates for several exotic mushrooms like oyster, shiitake, eryngii and nameco. Other strains are available upon request.

Equipment for growing mushrooms

We also offer several kinds of mushroom growing equipment. From mushroom cutting knives to machinery, from supplements to pesticides and from tools to covering plastics. Contact us for more information.