Best quality

Thanks to our patented delivery method the mushroom substrate/compost always keeps its quality. No matter what the destination is, our product always arrives at a temperature between 0 and 4 °C. Therefore it’s ready to use immediately.

Reliable supply

We are proud of our cooperation with mushroom substrate supplier Walkro. It enables us to always deliver a constant high quality mushroom substrate to our customers. Thanks to our cooperation we can guarantee you constant supply and constant quality.

Reliable logistics

We have a controlled and closed chain from our supplier Walkro to your port of destination. Our  team takes care of every step:
- packing and loading the products
- transport of the container to the port of departure
- arranging all necessary documents and paperwork
- communication before, during and after the whole process
Therefore we can always inform you about the status of your order and, if requested, customise your order to your wishes.

Advice and support

We offer you our network of highly qualified mushroom growers with more than 30 years of experience in mushroom growing and setting up plants. They all have working experience in several countries and know how to grow mushrooms in different (extreme) climates. Our consultants are always available for you: by phone, e-mail and on location.